Saturday, August 15, 2015

Scooter Motor Foot Build

I finally threw in the towel on my Jaycar motor foot drives. I just cannot make the drive hubs stay securely on the motor shafts. So, on to bigger and better feet!

After browsing the forums I came across the plans for the Razor scooter foot drive setup. I ordered the 130W 24V motors, the scooter wheels and belts from

I cut out the plans from Sintra and tried to figure out its assembly. After some noodling around with the plans I decided to modify it to make the frame beefier, and to provide more support for the motor.

Three rounds of prototypes later, I have created a simplified scooter mount frame that I am making out of 1/2" plywood. The motor will be secured with the three bolts on the face, and I will eventually have extra support and brackets on the back end to keep the motor from torquing during operation.

I will use the adjustable threaded eyebolt assemblies that came with the scooter wheels to pull back on them to keep the belt taut. Tests with a 12V battery on the final prototype seemed very speedy and I am quite excited!

I am going to order some omnitrack casters for the rear of the feet, but until they come I will get some temporary ones from Home Depot.

I plan on building new foot shells that will drop over the frames and secure to the wood frame with screws that will be hidden behind the battery boxes.

Excitement levels are high I tell you! High!

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