Friday, August 19, 2011

LED Belt Buckle

I was reading the posts on the Yahoo! R2 Builders forum and someone posted a link for inexpensive LED belt buckles that they found on eBay! For ten bucks you get a programmable, scrolling white LED belt buckle that is just the right size to go behind the logic surrounds. Put a backlit film printout of the PSI lights in front and you've got yourself one tasty flashing logic display served up cheap!

The Mighty-Mite!!

I got a Chicago Electric 4" Mighty-Mite tabletop table saw for my birthday. Thanks, honey! It is just the thing to zip through styrene and sintra. I set up a guide and was able to cut several 3/4" strips for fabricating the shoulder horseshoes lickety-split. The only drawback is that is has a tendency to tip forward, so I had to shim it in front to keep it stable. This will definitely help keep the tennis elbow at bay!

Radar Eye and Lens

I found a nice blue spray paint at Douglas Hardware that matches the dome vinyl I got from Tim almost exactly. It is Valspar All Purpose Gloss Blue. I was using the Rustoleum Deep Navy initially, which is probably more spec accurate, but it was way too dark next to the vinyl.

I also fabricated a lens for the radar eye out of a 2 liter bottle. I used the radar eye to mark the rough size and then trimmed it down. I painted the backside with Testors Gloss Black model spray paint. Viola! Instant lens!