Sunday, January 23, 2011

Foot Progress

I made plywood centers for R2's feet. I decided to use some scrap plywood and 1x2s. I started skinning one outer foot and it is moving along nicely! I've been using contact cement to adhere the styrene to the wood and it's working well. I'm holding off finishing the outside until I get the drive motors mounted.

I got a cheap caster for the center foot online for $4.00, with free shipping! Amazing!

I also got a 12V 7Ah battery with a charger. Now I just have to pick a few brains online on how to configure the electronics.

I may take the feet to work to continue the build on my lunch breaks. Hopefully by next weekend the feet will be finished and I can start on the battery boxes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I finally got around to taking pictures of the parts I have ordered over the last month and a half.

I got the VEX 6-Channel Remote Controller from Ebay for $40. The non-vex receiver was 9 bucks.

I also got the Jaycar motors for the feet (from New Zealand), the Sabertooth 2x25 speed controller and the wheels from I hope to use the smaller wheels to drive the larger wheels since I don't have a source for fabricating the elusive aluminum drive hub.

I started building a wooden interior for the main feet where the motors and wheels will be mounted. My success with the wood/styrene combination for the dome ring inspired me to try a wood structure for the feet. That, and the fact that wood is much easier to cut. I am still nursing my tennis elbow and that 1/8" styrene is a bear to cut.

Now hopefully a trip to Douglas Hardware tomorrow for screws and bolts will allow me to start the process of getting R2 motivated!