Sunday, November 14, 2010

Outer Skin Progress

I got the outer skins set up with the 3M VHB tape and I tell ya, it works like a charm. I put strips of it onto the backside of the outer skins and burnished it down. The backer peeled off easily and the tape is just tacky enough to hold but not too strong so you can reposition it.

I started with the back right side, got that in place and then worked my way around. Then I repeated the process for the front. I overlapped the front skin over the seam for the inner skins and things joined together nicely. A little filler later will hide any seams.

I then super-glued along the edges. I initially tried using the thin super glue from Hobby Lobby but it was too thin and came out too quickly. I wound up using Crazy Glue that I had on hand. It was thin enough to wick into the gaps but thick enough not to run all over the place.

Then I sanded the inset panels for the back and super glued then on. I positioned them in place with a piece of painter's tape, hinging it along on edge. Then I put some CA on the back, flipped it into place and smoothed it in down. Worked like a charm!

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